Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Sant Tukaram Abhang.  Saint says, 'I meditate on Lord Pandurang with entire body and mind. I surrender my ego at your feets. Mind and body, (here Chaitanya means living body.  exact opposit meaning of Jad), has all sweet enrichment. This due to your creativity, srushti. What else Tuka can say, when each and everything is created by Hari, God. 

||Ramkrishna Hari ||


This abhang wrote by Sant Janabai - a female saint.  May be most respected female saint among all.  She lived at Saint Namdev's residence as house maid. Lord Vithal used to come at night at Namdev's residence to help Janabai.  Many funny, horrible incidents had took place during Lord's visit to Namdev residence.

In this abhnag Saint Janabai says, 'Come on, let's go to Pandarpur and pahu (see) Lord Rakhumai's husband - ie. Pandurang. Once you see him and hear his name, your mind will become peaceful. Let's have bath at river chandrabhaga and put Namaskar at Pandurang's feet. Janabai says, I have made up my mind do all said above.  ||Ram Krishna Hari||

Friday, February 16, 2018


Sant Janabai Abhang. She says "Oh Lord, your name is good (chang). By uttering it my mind blows with colors.
With your name my mind fill with sweetness. But when measure it with my devotion, my side is little (thodi).
In front of your name, am humble servent. And will be as for lifelong.
I, Janabai, bow at your feet, keep on chanting your name.
This is simple meaning of this abhang. In this abhang Sant Janabai describing different gunas (characteristics) of Nam (name). Pranams.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Abhang by Sant Nivruthinath Maharaj. In this abhang he says 'If am Chakor (one species of bird), OH God you are Moon. If am cresent (kala), you are moon light.
How can I stay without you. You stays in me. And same time outside also. we bonded together like image and mirror image
Am material body. Same time you are my inner soul.
We stay together every where in the world. (We can say this is one sort of Advaita teaching. At the same time Dwaita teaching also. In Advaita you and me are one. But in Dvaita, I am part of you but not you.)
Sant Nivruthinath says, I seek you only one thing, becoming you. (It is possible only by death. Without wchich you cannot get dissolve in Hari - God).
Pls do comment. Uploading malayalam lyrics also.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Sant Tukaram Maharaj salutes God Hanuman saying he burnt down King Ravan's beard. I always do his namaskar. Mahabli Hanumath jumped sea, found Mata Sita in Lanka and burnt down the whole city. Video credit goes to original uploader. Thanks him for uploading vibrant singer Sri. Ajith Kadkade live bhajan. God blessed me to hear him live twice in Cochin itself.